148 Days to go...


We hope this update on some of the finer details finds you well.  Whilst time is passing very quickly our excitement of converging on Verona with you all is escalating rapidly.

In terms of what's planned for Verona, here's the skinny;

  • Guests will generally be arriving (ourselves included) at varying days from the Friday 18th September through to 20th.  We will be leaving Verona on the Friday 25th September.
  • In addition to the wedding day, we will be hosting a general shindig in the evening of Sunday 20th September at our house for all of our guests to meet each other and share in some fine italian produce.  We would love as many of our guests to attend as possible however if your travel plans do not allow, please let us know.
  • We will be staying out of the city in the village of Valpolicella, 5km from Verona and 25km from the Lake Garda but accessible by car or a reasonably priced Taxi from the city.
  • Note, the wedding is in the late afternoon of Tuesday 22nd September, we would recommend you stay at least one night following as we intend on keeping you well fed and well watered on the big day! ; )
  • How long should you stay?  It's open to you, we believe there is more than enough to entertain you over the course of a week but a shorter break is just as nice.
  • Our wedding planner Claudia is able to assist you with advice on accommodation and also arrange private car airport transfers on request (and your own payment!) - her email is info@theweddingparty.it.
  • Please remember to fill out the Travel Plans section when you have booked your trip as this will help us coordinate our side of the events.
  • Lastly, please advise us if you have any food allergies, intolerances, special dietary requirements or 'no go' zones for food.  

With love and great anticipation,

Anita & Adam