Ooops... Maybe not that date.

Anita and I are pleased to announce that in spite of some significant life hurdles - e.g. CANCER, childbirth, new job, etc. - our wedding plans hit the back burner for a while.... but we are back!

That said, our renewed vigour has seen us refocusing and we have now reconsidered the concept of our wedding. We are now in the unfortunate position of having to advise some of our dear friends that they are 'off the list'.

If you've been involved in planning a wedding you will appreciate it's not a simple task.  You've got to make the choice to cut off a limb to save the body, to grade your friends and family, to create your own personal caste system.

You compare and contrast, you try to weigh up in a rationale way the arguments for and against two people who are both people you consider friends.  It's rough, but essential due to the life limiting factor of money.  

On this basis, we seek your good grace, understanding and consideration of this predicament and our recent life hurdles and unfortunately renege our 'Save the Date' and inferred invitation.

What next? well, those who have made the very-short-list will be contacted directly.  It hurts us to potentially hurt you but also realise we're all grown ups and our relationship with you is stronger than a school yard popularity contest.  That said, be assured you are and remain important part of our lives and we value your support.


Anita & Adam